IT Leaders, the name synonymous with top quality business IT support and IT projects since 2002, has launched our Cloud Services Division.  Leading Cloud can now host all of your server and applications infrastructure.  Leading Cloud will keep your business on the leading edge of technology, and deliver real strategic advantage.
Leading Cloud Computing
What is cloud computing? This is a simple question and many industry types will have different answers to this question. 
The most honest and truthful answer to the question can be presented as one word. “Outsourcing” why spend thousands on upfront capital to buy servers and store and maintain your data when you can get an IT vendor to do this for you. 
Small and medium businesses will almost never have the upfront capital / investment to include features that are built into cloud infrastructure. Businesses will sacrifice many of the most important aspects of storing and maintaining company data. Some of these include...
  • Fully secured locations with biometric access to physical servers
  • Dual fibre internet paths to servers.
  • Multiple carrier / ISP access.
  • Redundant power supply (full 2N)
  • Redundant cooling infrastructure (full 2N)
  • Server and network redundancy (always a hot spare in the event of a failure)
  • Super high speed internet connections with massive data allowances.
  • Advanced backup systems including disaster recovery sites and offsite vaulted backups. 
  • Geographically dispersed data sets
  • High speed storage systems with full redundancy 
  • Super powerful servers with massive amounts of compute resources.
  • Enterprise class network security, routing and switching 
These are just some of the benefits of a cloud based system. Other key aspects making this a viable option for most small to medium businesses include.
  • Predictable monthly payments for all IT aspects including Hardware, Software and Support.
  • Dynamic allocation of resources – instead of buying equipment with excess resources available for growth you can increase your plan to accommodate more compute power or add users as required. You can also do this in the opposite direction when staff leave. 
  • The data is yours – you own it and it will always be available to you from any internet enabled computer no matter where you are.
So if you are sick of spending money on maintaining your old dying hardware and software, or you simply just want to get the edge on technology then give Leading Cloud a call today and you can join the hundreds of successful businesses that are utilising Cloud Computing to gain the edge.


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Leading Cloud Virtual Server's

With a virtual server environment hosted with Leading Cloud, the complexities are taken care of, resulting in zero capital cost, a cash-flow friendly monthly access fee, the latest technology, and simple and immediate adaptability to your growth.


WHY YOU SHOULD NOT CARE about the latest hardware and technology.

If you're still trying to figure out what servers and desktops your business needs to run efficiently, then you're stuck in the last century.

Do you ever worry if 240 volts is the right amount of power for your equipment?  Of course you don't. Plug a device into a power point and it just works.  Welcome to the new ere of computing, whereas much computing power as you need is available through the Internet, and you no longer need to care about the efficiency of servers and desktops.

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